At Bornholms Keramikfabrik we focus on quality ceramics and a sustainable ceramic production. We work with hand throwing, jig and jolly and slip casting. We constantly add new decorations and glazes because we just can't help ourselves and we love the craft. Bornholms Keramikfabrik designs and produces own signature tableware – Ø-tableware – and can be found in leading museums and designstores across Denmark.

We are proud to be a part of a strong local ceramic tradition on Bornholm and with departure in local authenticity it is our goal to uphold a stable and sustainable ceramic production within Denmark. 

Bornholms Keramikfabrik is a small family run business owned by Frans and Mille  Grønholdt Truelsen who lives both in Copenhagen and Bornholm.


Mette Clausen
Plant manager. 

Margrét Thodadottir
Our Lead Ceramist, handling the development of glazes with great passion and dedication. Margrét is a trained ceramist from the Glas and Ceramics Designschool in Nexø

Dan Busted
Ceramist working with all parts of the production, from preparation of clay to jig and jollying and glazing. Dan is a trained ceramist from the Glass and Ceramic Designschool in Nexø. 

Inkyong Lee
Ceramic student at the Glass and Ceramic Designschool in Nexø. Inkyong takes part in the ceramic production and is also our inhouse photographer and instagram wizard. 

Chiara Del Cava
Ceramic student at the Glass and Ceramic Designschool in Nexø. Chiara takes part in both the ceramic production and it is also her you will meet when you come to our shop.