Our MOODS collections are our hand-picked sets of various products - mixed to match any mood. The Ø-CUP (Ø means island) is our signature product. It comes in an endless variety of glazes and decorations and derives from the desire to use and reuse all leftover materials from our production.

The Ø-CUP is jiggerjollied, handtrimmed and then handglazed.

As a consequence the contours, glazing and colour may vary from item to item.

These characteristics are a guarantee of absolute authenticity.

Ø-CUP collections
The collection has the bright and joyful colors of Spring, with brighter and warmer days ahead.
The perfect combination for sunny day. Learn more

Ø-CUP collection
The collection has the natural and soul-soothing colors of the nature, the sun's morning-glow, and the calming beaches.
The perfect combination to reach your moment of zen. Learn more

Ø-CUPS collection
The collection has the soft and warm colors of chocolate and cream.
The perfect combination for a warm cup in chilly weather. Learn more




The ORIGINAL Ø-CUP has a height of 7,0 cm and a diameter of 7,5 cm.
All our products are produced on Bornholm.
We are proud to be part of a strong local ceramic tradition on Bornholm and based on the local authenticity it is our goal to uphold a stable and sustainable ceramic production within Denmark.
You can buy the Ø-CUP in leading design and museum stores across Denmark and right here from our webshop.