Production in practice

Our intention is to create and design an appealing tableware with a subtle and simple look, where the scene and mood is set by you (the customer) when choosing and curating just your favourite combination of colour and shape. 

When buying our products you are participating in supporting and reviving a proud handcraft tradition and production in Bornholm, Denmark. Our products are locally-produced, implementing and upholding a regional handcraft-tradition with a long history set in the beautiful scenery of Bornholm.

Currently we apply two techniques in our production: wheelthrowing and jiggerjollying. These techniques requires handcrafting experience, good skills, strength and an eye for detail. We are a strong - and growing - team of approximately 10 workers, whose expertise and engagement derives from: a great passion and interest in ceramics, combined with the strong wish of maintaining the craftmanship in a local-sustainable production. 

All our products are high fired stoneware. We glaze all tableware products with glazes approved for food contact materials.